Some awesome donations

Finally, another update. I have updated the donations page meaning the scans are available right now. There are no prices attached to it yet. The prices will be determined later, but for now anybody can request for a number of scans. So check out the donations page. There is no option yet for a direct donation. That will happen in the near future.

Made the leap to Debian

I have some news. I made the switch to Debian from Arch because they messed their stuff up. So it is now running on Debian 'Wheezy'. It still features the Xfce desktop. I also have made two bootable ISO images. One for 32 bit and one for 64 bit. Next up is time for some Alpha features.

Donation and other services

So I fixed the contact page so you can actually contact me. I will put up a Donation page which will contain some simple web vulnerability scans for now and hopefully more services later. Keep an eye out for the services and spread the word.

Style update

I just wanted something different. So I changed everything to a sober and clean grey and white style. I do not want a busy site, as that would ruin the surprise when you boot up the distro.

First Pre-Alpha

The first pre-alpha package is online. The link is on the homepage and it is online at sourceforge.

Little snags along the way

I have been having troubles with the environment. The configuration is taking longer than I would have wanted. That coupled with just making the videos is getting very tricky time management wise. I will be working on it during the course of next week. Which won't mean anything because there is no timestamp on this thing yet. Suffice it to say, I am busy as hell and I will finish the pre-alpha release soon.

Woot, Sourceforge has been set up

Yes, that is about it, but it is located here: Illicit Reality over at sourceforge.

So, the first steps are taken

So I have done the first few things. I have a x64 environment with graphical login and a desktop environment. So next up is getting the x86 environment, or 32 bit one, and then do the same thing to it as the other environment. A little further a long the way and you will be able to download a pre-alpha release.

Update on how it is going

This is all on how it is going. As you can see, it is still a lot of work in progress. The page is not done yet, but we will get there. I will have a nice pre-alpha release ready soon.